Glucose Clamping made in Germany at ATTD 2019

Meet the people behind Profil 

Tim_Heise.pnghansDr. Eric Zijlstra


Profil will be present at the ATTD 2019. We will have numerous invited lectures as well as some orals and posters. Of course we look forward to this exciting event very much. 


Here is a list of our scientific contributions at the ATTD 2019

Invited Lectures

  • Wednesday, February 20, 6:00 pm, hall A7
    "Future of Diabetes Technology - where are we going from here? (L. Heinemann)"
  • Thursday, February 21, 1:00 pm, hall A1

    "Smart Insulins (T. Heise)"

  • Friday, February 22, 3:00 pm, hall city cube
    "Technological advancements in diabetes care (H. DeVries)"

  • Friday, February 22, 4:40 pm, hall A8
    "Integrated Personalized Diabetes Management: Results of the Pro Value Studies (L. Heinemann)"

  • Saturday, February 23, hall A1
    "CGM for hypoglycemia-prone patients (H. DeVries)"

Abstracts / Posters

  • BioChaperone Combo, a co-formulation of lispro and glargine, improves postprandial glucose control compared to LisproMix25 or Lispro and glargine injections in type 2 diabetes subjects

  • The ultra-rapid insulin BioChaperone Lispro (BCLIS) bolused by insulin pump shows favourable Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics vs Faster Aspart (Fia) and Insulin Aspart (ASP)

  • Ultra Rapid Lispro (URLI) shows faster absorption and improved postprandial glucose lowering of Insulin Lispro vs Lispro during insulin pump use in patients with T1D

  • Nasal Glucagon: A viable alternative to treat insulin-induced hypoglycemia in adults with typ 1 diabetes

  • Small doses of dasiglucagon consistently increase plasma glucose levels in hypoglycemia & eurglycemia in people with typ 1 diabetes mellitus

  • Continuous glucose monitoring reveals comprehensive glucose control with MEDI0382 in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Other things you should know about the ATTD 2019

  • You can meet with a Profil representative at the occasion of the ATTD to discuss your research or product developments. Just send an email to or fill out the form on the right.