Free On-Demand Online Seminar: "Developing an Artificial Pancreas"


This online seminar will discuss the current state of the development of an artificial pancreas. With a review of past trials, an overview of necessary technology and an outlook into the future, the session will provide a 360° view on the topic.

Discuss and learn about:  

  • What technological components are necessary for an artificial pancreas?
  • What has been done in the area of artificial pancreas in the past?
  • What should one pay attention to when planning clinical trials for a new development of an artificial pancreas or a technological component (such as a CGM system)?
  • What can we expect for the future?

Online Seminar Synopsis

In the past years there has been substantial progress in the area of the development of an artificial pancreas. Several academic and industry groups are working on commercializing such systems. Often the artificial pancreas is called the "holy grail" for diabetes treatment as it would rid the patient of having to be concerned with his/her disease constantly. A functional system, consisting of a continuous glucose monitoring system, an insulin pump, and an algorithm to connect the two, has the potential to revolutionize the way patients deal with the disease. In this online seminar we will elucidate the concept of the artificial pancreas and its required components.

Further, we will review previous attempts and clinical trials of systems under development, including the AP@home project, in which Profil Germany played a pivotal role. The presenters will review recent developments in the area of each of the required components and highlight further necessary developments on the way to a commercially viable system. 

Importantly, we will highlight what researchers can learn from previous trials and technologies in order to increase chances of successful developments in the future. From this, the presenters will make predictions on how the field is going to develop in the next few years and if or what we can expect to be successful in the market in the future. 


Meet the presenters

Dr. Eric Zijlstra has a background in biomedical engineering and gaineAlternative-Route-Insulins_Mitarbeiter.pngd early experience in pre-clinical diabetes research. He started working at Profil in 2008 and has organised many clinical trials in the area of diabetes technology developments. He is current role is Director Project Development / Medical Technology leading a team of scientists, who design and coordinate clinical trials at Profil. 





Dr. Carsten Benesch is a physicist in the field of nano-structured surfaces on Artificial-Pancreas_Mitarbeiter.pngcondensed matter and has long-term experience in hardware and software development of medical devices. At Profil he is the Director of Technical Development and was the manager of the AP@home EU project. As such he is an expert in the field of the artificial pancreas.