Free On-demand Online Seminar: "Determining Energy Expenditure in Clinical Trials"

Insights from one of Profil's experts on studying energy expenditure. Watch now.

Join this online seminar to learn about the design, conduct and analysis of clinical studies using sophisticated methods to study energy intake and expenditure.

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You will benefit by learning about: 

  • Energy Balance and relevant methods
  • Details on the use of methods to study energy expenditure
  • Profil's metabolic ward and our expertise in this area

Online Seminar synopsis

Diet and lifestyle are the main influencers in the development of the diseases of civilization such as obesity, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. An increasing body of scientific evidence supports the view that alterations in diet markedly affect the progression of metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Profil has a metabolic ward that is specialized in meeting nutritional requirements in clinical research. Our metabolic kitchen allows the investigation and control of the impact of nutritional conditions in clinical trials. To date, Profil has performed more than 70 studies with standardized nutritional regimens. This significant experience means we can help match nutritional plans to the objectives of any trial, even when mixed meal tolerance tests or individual diets are needed.

But of course energy intake is only one side of the coin. Understanding and measuring energy expenditure is the other side of this coin and also requires sophisticated methodology. To develop specific nutritional regimens, energy requirements are routinely determined onsite. Depending on the study design, total energy requirements can be determined based on resting metabolic rate, measured via indirect calorimetry or estimated with commonly used formulas using individual anthropometric measurements including body composition. In addition to resting energy expenditure, nutrient-induced thermogenesis and exercise-induced thermogenesis can be assessed via indirect calorimetry as contributing variables to total energy expenditure. Finally, the doubly labeled water method may be used to directly measure total energy expenditure. This is the best predictor of true energy requirements.

With these methods at Profil's disposal, we are experts in the area. Join this online seminar to get an overview of available technologies and learn in detail about the study of energy expenditure in clinical trials. 

Meet the presenter

Daniela is a biologist and Scientific Study Advisor at Profil. She has an academic background in basic science with special focus on molecular biology. During her PhD thesis at the German Diabetes Center in Düsseldorf she identified novel adipocyte-secreted factors and investigated their impact on the development of insulin resistance in various cell culture models.

Daniela joined Profil in 2012 being part of the Clinical Operations Unit. Since 2015 she has been working in the Project Development Team. Currently she is establishing the doubly labelled water method for the measurement of "free-living" energy expenditure at Profil.


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