On-Demand Online Seminar: Alternative routes of insulin administration

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This online seminar discusses the opportunities and challenges during the development of oral insulin, inhaled, and intradermal insulins from a senior clinical researcher's point of view. Benefit from Dr. Eric Zijlstra's years of experience. Discuss and learn about:  

  • The past, present, and future of oral insulin and inhaled insulin
  • How to design impactful clinical trials for alternative route insulins
  • What to consider from a clinical researcher's point of view when developing new insulins.

Online Seminar synopsis

Even though many researchers have invested decades of their lives into investigating alternative routes of insulin administration, administration through subcutaneous injection is still the only method available for most patients with diabetes. These injections are not only unpleasant, but patients may also not feel comfortable injecting themselves in public spaces and can furthermore experience undesirable aesthetic side effects such as lipohypertrophy. If oral insulin were available in the form of a pill, one would expect that patient compliance will be higher and better metabolic control will be achieved in more patients.

In recent years research into oral insulin pills as well as other modes of delivery has again gained more momentum and a number of developments are in or before human trials. However, the rate at which clinical data has been published by involved companies is less than reason for enthusiasm. Only six of companies have published any clinical data in the past 5 years (2009-2014). Interestingly, these make up only 4% of all publications on oral insulins in this time-period. This indicates that many developments are still at the pre-clinical stage. It will be interesting to follow this development and to see if these projects actually will move into the clinical stage in the next few years. It would certainly be a great advancement in patient care to finally have viable options available that do not require injection of insulin.

Watch this online seminar for a review of activities and a guide for best practices when conducting trials on novel routes of insulin administration, especially on oral insulin medications. After all, many small companies do not have the funds to run several trials but need to get the trial design right from the beginning to keep the chances of taking their product to market. Profil Germany has substantial experience with such trials and we are thus happy to share some of our experience in this area. 

Meet the presenter

Dr. Eric Zijlstra Eric has a background in biomedical engineering and gained early experience in pre-clinical diabetes research. He started with Profil in 2008 and has organised many clinical trials with innovative oral, inhaled and intradermal insulin approaches. He is current role is Director Project Development / Medical Technology leading a team of scientists, who design and coordinate clinical trials at Profil. In 2014 he co-authored a review on the state of oral insulin.