Determine if Profil can recruit your clinical study

Swift study recruitment is one of the key factors in a successful clinical trial. Although a CRO usually has access to a database of study volunteers, it is important to understand if a particular study can actually be recruited within given timelines.You can use this tool to find out, if your study can be recruited by Profil. As a CRO focused purely on diabetes and obesity, Profil has a database of over 27,000 volunteers suitable for our studies. This makes it very likely that we can recruit your particular study.
To be sure, please give us the details of your study plan and we will tell you how our recruitment capabilities are for your study. The data you enter goes directly to our team of recruitment specialists. Our patient database contains information on each subject not only regarding gender, age, and similar demographics, but also current treatment regimen, up-to-date health information and more. All this allows us to determine very well, if we can recruit a study and how long it would take. 
We only accept studies, if we are confident we can recruit it within your desired timelines. 
Please enter the relevant data below. 

Study recruitment test